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Pu Erh Tee

Where to buy pu erh tea when you live Europe? You can order from China and accept the long delivery times, custom fees and the challenge of returning items. Or you can order from Teasenz.eu! We're based in the Netherlands and ship within 10 days to any country in Europe. We source direct from factories and growers. You'll enjoy prices that are sometimes even lower than buying tea in China; AND you can finally pay in your own currency, through your preferred local payment method and return orders within 100 days. All our pu erh teas are authentic and quality checked by our in-house tea professionals. Good tea, no surprises.

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What pu erh tea shapes do you sell?

Our pu erh teas are compressed in different shapes, such as cakes, tuocha (bowl-shape) and bricks. Cakes are the most common and are generally 357g in weight. Tuocha and bricks are often smaller ranging from 100g to 250g. For some of our pu erh, you can also select to order small samples on the product page.

What pu erh tea factory brands do you offer?

We are a platform for pu erh tea suppliers to introduce their cakes, tuocha and bricks to the European market. Our brands include Dayi, Xiaguan, CNNP, Haiwan and Teasenz.

I can't find the pu erh that I'm looking for, what now?

There's an endless amount of pu erh out there for us to curate and select. This doesn't mean that we aren't open to suggestions. In fact, we love to listen and hear about what pu erh teas you're really enthusiastic about. If there's any tea that you find missing on our site, simply contact us through the chat box. Tell us more about the tea that you're seeking and we'll get it for you at the price right!

What is the difference between ripe and raw pu erh?

Most pu erh drinkers love either ripe (shou) or raw (sheng) pu erh, or at least they tend to drink one type more than the other.

To better understand their differences, you may read this article: What is pu erh tea?

So are you a raw or ripe type of person? Do you like the vegetal, floral, and fresh aroma of raw pu erh tea or do you prefer the earthy and woody notes of ripe pu erh tea? If you aren't sure yet, or if you're open both types that's fine too. Fortunately, we've got both of them stocked!

I'm a manufacturer of pu erh, how can I sell my brand on Teasenz.eu

If you're a tea producer, factory or trader and you want to sell your tea on our website, feel free to contact us through the chat box.