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A pu erh tea brick is a pressed and compacted form of pu erh tea, usually in the shape of a rectangular brick. They may come in different sizes from 5 grams (mini bricks) to as much as 3kg. The most common bricks weight 250g.

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How to break up a pu erh tea brick.

To break apart a tea brick, you will need a tray or wrapper to catch the crumbs, as well as a tea knife. Begin by gently inserting the needle into the side of the tea brick. Experiment with multiple spots to locate a spot that's easy to insert. Once inserted, delicately wiggle the knife to loosen the brick. Exercise patience and avoid applying excessive force. You may need to repeat this process in several additional spots near the initial one until you are able to break off a chunk of tea.

How to make a pu erh tea brick?

For steeping instructions, you may visit the individual tea pages above.