Collection: Tea in Tins

Tea in Tins

We offer a selection of our top-selling teas in stylish tins and canisters. To purchase these tea canisters, visit to the product page and choose the tea tin option. They're available in either 50g or 100g sizes, depending on the specific tea you prefer.

Preserving freshness

Our exquisite tins not only preserve the freshness of the loose leaf tea inside, but also shield it from humidity, odour, heat, and sunlight. The tea is carefully sealed with an aluminium seal, and even after opening the tin, the lid's rotating design ensures a proper closure, prolonging the tea's freshness.

A tea enthusiasts dream gift

The loose leaf tea in canisters is not only of premium quality but also makes a perfect gift choice. You can either purchase individual tins or go for a set of two tins presented in a beautifully designed gift box.

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What materials are the tins made from?

Our loose tea tins are crafted from sturdy carton, featuring a tinplate lid and bottom. The lid is thoughtfully designed with a rubber ring inside, ensuring an airtight seal. Rest assured, all materials used are of the highest food-grade quality.

What's the size of the loose leaf tea in tins?


Do you offer tea that comes in tin boxes for wholesale?

For wholesale, you may order blank tins per carton of 100 pieces. They're available in the sizes 9.1x.91cm (like ours) or 9.1x15cm. We may also order labels for you starting from 200 pieces. If you also want the canisters to come with tea inside, please contact us and let us know your requirements through the chatbox. Our team will contact you and send you a custom quotation.