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Tea Pets

If you have ever taken part in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, you may have observed a small clay or ceramic figurine resting on the tea tray. This is known as a tea pet. Tea pets are not mere decorations; they serve as companions to tea enthusiasts.

Tea pets can be crafted from various materials, but they are often made from Yixing clay, much like Yixing clay teapots. Typically left unglazed, tea pets have a rough surface that readily absorbs tea. When brewing tea, it is common to pour some tea over the tea pet, almost as if you are feeding it. This interactive aspect transforms the tea pet into more than just an ornament; it becomes something to nurture and care for. As the tea pet absorbs tea over time, the clay develops a lustrous appearance. You might wonder if this is a waste of tea, but in traditional tea ceremonies, the first rinse of tea is often used to pour over tea pets or any remaining tea that cannot be consumed.

Tea pets are often crafted in the likeness of animals and creatures, such as the three-legged money frog and the twelve Chinese zodiac animals. However, they can also take the form of other auspicious symbols.

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How to use a tea pet?

Position the tea pet on either our tea table or tea tray with drainage system. During each tea session, you may shower the tea pet with a small amount of tea. If you rinse your tea prior to the first steeping, you may pour the tea from the first rinse over the tea pet. Additionally, if you're done with your tea session, you may pour any remaining tea over your tea pet. At last, feel free to also feed the tea pet some tea between the steeps.

What kind of tea pets are there?

Chinese tea pets may come in many different forms such as a crocodile, dragon, turtle, cat, frog, bunny, rabbit, snake, tiger, bat, buddha, dog, elephant, fish, fox and horse tea pets.

In addition, some tea pets have a special feature such as colour changing ones or a pee pee boy tea pet, which literally starts to pee when you pour water over it.

Where to find tea pets for sale?

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