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Teasenz green tea

Bi Luo Chun

Bi Luo Chun

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<p>Among the 10 most popular teas in China, there is one that shines like a precious gem: Biluochun. This extraordinary tea is grown with love and care in the majestic mountains of East Dongting and West Dongting, on the shores of the beautiful Taihu Lake, in Jiangsu Province. Its name, "Bi luo chun" in Chinese, means "the spring jade snail", and you just need to look carefully at its leaves to understand why.</p>

<p>Biluochun leaves are a true wonder to behold, with their rolled shape resembling a graceful snail. But it's not just the looks that make it special. When you look at tea buds, you may notice a delicate white part that shines like precious Chinese jade. It is a fascinating detail that gives this tea an aura of elegance and unique beauty.</p>

<p>But it's its taste that will make you fall madly in love. When you sip Biluochun, a symphony of flavors gracefully envelops you. The flavor of dried chestnuts makes its way softly, giving an enveloping sensation that takes you to a beautiful spring day. It's like savoring the sweetness and creaminess of toasted chestnuts, a warm embrace that takes you back to a moment of serenity and pleasure.

<p>But there's more. A fruity touch dances on the tongue, adding a lively and refreshing note to this taste experience. It's like tasting a variety of ripe fruits, which are released with a juicy sweetness and vibrant freshness. Every sip is an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of taste and pleasure, to let yourself be conquered by a tea that knows how to delight and amaze the senses.</p>


  • Brand: Teasenz
  • Year: 2023
  • Season: Spring
  • Origin: Dongting, Tai Hu
  • Leaf grade: natural tea gardens
  • Varietal (cultivar): Biluochun
  • Type: green tea

How to Steep

How to brew Bi Luo Chun tea?

There are two ways to prepare this fine green tea:

Gongfu brewing

Brew 5 gram with 100 ml of water at 80 °C. Steep for 10 seconds and add 5 seconds for each infusion.

Western brewing

Steep 5 gram with 500 ml of water at 80 °C. Apply a brewing time of 40 seconds and add 20 seconds for each subsequent infusion.

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