Collection: Tenmoku Tea Cups

Tenmoku Tea Cups

Ceramic masters of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) were renowned for crafting tea cups with an unique glaze, known as Jian Zhan or Jianware. These exquisite cups gained popularity in Japan during the Muromachi period (1336-1392) and became associated with the Tianmu (or 'Heaven's Eye') mountain (天目), where they were traditionally used for tea. In Japan, these cups are referred to as Tenmoku, derived from the Japanese pronunciation of Tianmu.

Tenmoku tea cups are renowned for their distinctive and serendipitous patterns in the glaze. The production process involves oven-firing and cooling, which causes the iron content in the glaze to crystallise.

Why buy Tenmoku Jian Zhan tea cups from Teasenz?

Our carefully selected tenmoku cups are handcrafted by experienced ceramic artists who use only the finest ingredients for the glaze and carefully control the oven-firing process to achieve exceptional results. Each tea cup is shipped in a sturdy and exquisite gift box.

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Do you also offer tenmoku coffee cups?

At this moment we don't offer coffee cups, but we will consider it for future product launches.

Is Jianware foodsafe?

Our Jian zhan tea cups are food safe and does not contain lead or any other harmful substances.