Collection: Ripe pu erh tea

Ripe pu erh tea

Our ripe pu erh teas are available loose tea or compressed tea such as cakes and tuocha.

The production process of ripe pu erh tea

Ripe pu erh tea is made by pile-fermenting loose raw pu erh tea (mao cha) in an controlled indoor environment. The pile fermentation process of pu erh tea involves carefully layering and moistening the tea leaves, then covering them with a large cloth to maintain humidity. This allows for natural microbial activity to occur, which transforms the mao cha into ripe pu erh. The length of fermentation is decided by the tea master, depending on the desired fermentation level. Lower quality tea leaves are typically fermented longer than higher quality tea leaves.

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Raw versus ripe pu erh tea

For a comparison of both kinds of pu erh tea, please visit our raw pu erh tea page.