Collection: Chinese Tea Cups

Chinese Tea Cups

On this page, you'll discover a selection of our Chinese tea cups, perfectly crafted for traditional tea ceremonies. These small cups are designed for serving tea in small quantities across multiple infusions, aligning with a traditional ceremony's practice.

Their smaller size is also serves other practical purposes. Tea that's prepared the traditional way, also known as 'gongfu tea', is often steeped at higher temperatures. When hot tea is served in small cups, it cools more swiftly in these small cups. While tea in a large mug may take minutes to cool down to a pleasant drinking temperature, it's just a matter of seconds when served in traditional Chinese tea cups. Moreover, small cups are also better crafted to sniff the tea's aroma at the bottom of an empty cup.

Chinese tea cups with lid

The Chinese tea cups with lid are called 'gaiwans'. Instead of the purpose of serving tea, these cups are actually made for steeping tea. The large opening of such cups observation of the tea leaves, while the lid offers more control for those who're skilled in brewing tea it a gaiwan.

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What are Chinese tea cups made of?

They can be made from different raw materials such as porcelain, ceramic, bone china, or Yixing clay.

Where can I buy Chinese restaurant tea cups?

For durable tea cups for use in restaurants, we recommend to contact our store in China ( They can help you source affordable cups and take care of international logistics.

What about vintage/antique tea cups?

Unfortunately, we don't offer vintage or antique tea cups. For those, we recommend to buy from specialist stores which can guarantee authenticity. However, some of our finely crafted cups do have a vintage look, which can be a great alternative to collectors.