Respecting tradition

At Teasenz you can now order premium grade Chinese teas, you can't find in your local tea store.

Our teas are produced based on traditional methods, involving manual hand-picking and processing of tea leaves.

We don't work with large mass-producing factories. Instead we support and cooperate with small family farms to bring true Chinese tea to your tea table.

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Conveniently Buy Chinese Tea in Europe

Where to buy Chinese tea when you live Europe? You can order from China and accept the long delivery times, custom fees and lots of hassle when you want to return items. Or you can order from! We're based in the EU (Netherlands) and ship in 1-10 days to any country in Europe.

As we source direct from factories and growers, you'll enjoy prices that are sometimes even lower than buying tea in China; and you can finally pay in your own currency, through your preferred local payment method and return orders within 30 days if you change your mind.

All our teas are authentic and quality checked by our in-house tea professionals. Good tea, no surprises.