About Us

Our team of passionate tea professionals, started Teasenz.com in 2010 with a mission to make high quality Chinese tea available worldwide. With Teasenz.eu we are entering a new phase of our journey, by being closer to and better able to serve to tea enthusiasts in Europe.

No middle men

While loose tea has become popular in the recent years, real Chinese tea has yet to be discovered outside of China. We cooperate with passionate small producers and famous tea factories directly at the origin in China.

Our sourcing office in China, also taste and curate existing aged pu erh teas from brand factories and tea wholesale markets in China. Only their best discoveries are exported to our European warehouse.

Your Chinese tea supplier

There are two groups of consumers that we're truly happy to serve: those who share our passion for tea and those who spread their love for tea culture through their businesses.

For the latter group, we do not only offer the best Chinese tea with competitive wholesale discounts. We've made it virtually risk-free to re-sell our products due to our 30 day return policy. If you can't sell, you simply return it back to us!

Supply chain excellence

Though we're mainly an online business, we don't see ourselves as an eCommerce or marketing company.

Instead, we regard ourselves as an supply chain company. With this focus in mind, we're constantly looking for excellent growers, taste new teas, control the quality at the source, and import the teas at the lowest possible cost.

We believe, it's the way for us to create the most value added for Chinese tea lovers and resellers.


We aim to present our teas in the most honest and transparent manner. None of our teas contain artificial flavours and fake aromas.

Our teas are also not blended with other ingredients. If you're interested in real tea, your journey starts right here.

The Teasenz.eu Team
We're glad to be at your service.