Collection: Luxury Teas

Luxury Teas

No matter how passionate a farmer is about producing the best possible tea, in real life, he always needs to balance quality with the time and resources required.

What if...

At Teasenz, we asked ourselves: what if these constraints didn't exist? What if the farmer could just focus on making the best possible tea? What if he could hire only the best tea pickers and tea masters at a fair wage? What if he wouldn't have to consider taking short cuts at the expense of quality?

We decided to challenge these farmers to make a tea that represents their hidden craftsmanship. One that would give them a sense of fulfilment. One that would make their ancestors truly proud.

Luxury and expensive teas

The result is a collection of teas we call 'luxury teas'. Due to their price tag they likely aren't suitable as a daily tea. Even in China, you've to go to the high-end specialty stores to find such high-grade tea. People only buy them in fancy packaging as a gift for their parents-in-law or important business relations. Thus, this luxury tea collection isn't great value for money.

So, why did we launch this collection? It's simply due to our own desire to encounter truly special teas. A collection of teas that illustrates a pure dialogue between people, culture, and nature without any outside interference.


So here's a summary of the characteristics of our luxury tea collection, so you can decide for yourself whether it's something for you:

Taste/aroma: High fragrant, sweet, and hardly any bitterness. However, it's not suitable for those who like very strong, astringent, and/or bitter teas.

Quality/grade: small, delicate, and very consistently handpicked tea leaves. They will look esthetically pleasing and will satisfy your taste buds.

Harvest time: the teas are harvested around the end of February or beginning March. Due to the colder weather, the tea leaves grow slowly and accumulate more aroma and nutrients. This also means a very small harvest: once it sells out, we will have to wait till next year to restock.

Price: Low value for money. You can buy our other teas at half the price, which taste almost as good (and they're still much higher in grade compared to most tea shops outside of China).