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Xing Ren Xiang Dan Cong Oolong Tea

Xing Ren Xiang Dan Cong Oolong Tea

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Xing Ren Xiang Dan Cong Oolong tea, also known as Almond Aroma Dan Cong Tea, is a type of oolong tea that is grown in the Phoenix Mountain area of Guangdong, China.

Our Xing Ren Xiang is a special kind of Dan Cong tea, consisting of curly, brown coloured dry leaves. You won't find its unique almond fragrance in any other kind of tea.

This tea is known for its nutty, sweet, and floral flavor, with a distinct almond note. It has a smooth and mellow taste with a long-lasting aftertaste. The tea is considered one of the top grades of Dan Cong oolong teas, and its quality is determined by the number of leaves and buds in each infusion and the strength and complexity of its flavor.


  • Brand: Teasenz
  • Year: 2022
  • Season: Spring
  • Origin: Phoenix Mountain, Guangdong
  • Type: oolong tea

How to Steep

Western method

Infuse 3 grams of Duck Shit oolong tea with 500 ml water at a temperature of 100ºC and steep for 40 seconds. For a second steep increase the steeping time to 1 minute.

Traditional method

Infuse 5 grams of Ya Shi Xiang tea with 100ml water at 100ºC and steep for 10 seconds. Also apply a 10 second steeping time for the 2nd and 3rd steep. Increase the steeping time by 5 seconds for every next steep.

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