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Teasenz green tea

West Lake Dragon Well (Long Jing)

West Lake Dragon Well (Long Jing)

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<p>I present to you an extraordinary green tea, which enchants the senses with its enveloping sweetness, seductive roasting and inebriating richness of nutty notes. It comes from the famous village of Mei Jia Wu, located in the magical Dragon Well region of West Lake, a place where the thousand-year history of tea blends with the wild beauty of the surrounding nature.</p>

<p>The buds of this tea are a precious treasure, the compounds The buds consist of 1 bud and 2/3 leaves of high quality. They are the quintessence of a thousand-year-old tradition, a perfect fusion between craftsmanship and cultivation skill.</p>

<p>Every sip of this tea is a sensory journey that transports you to the magnificence of a bygone era. The delicate green leaves release an enveloping, vegetal aroma, a fragrant dance that fills the air with an intoxicating fragrance. The infusion is a celebration of the senses, a moment of pure enchantment in which tea is transformed into a work of liquid art.</p>
<p>But the pleasure doesn't end there. A persistent fresh aftertaste envelops the mouth, leaving a sensation of cleanliness and refreshing vitality. It's like a breath of freshness that gradually spreads, refreshing the palate and leaving a pleasant and lasting sensation. Furthermore, the traditional chestnut aroma, which comes from the pan-cooking of this ancient tea, gives it a unique and distinctive character, adding a note of warmth and tradition to the drink.</p>


  • Brand: Teasenz
  • Year: 2022
  • Season: Spring
  • Origin: Mei Jia Wu, West Lake
  • Type: green tea
  • Weight: 70g

How to Steep

Western method

Infuse 3 grams of tea with 500ml water at a temperature of 80ºC and steep for 1 minutes. For a second steep increase the steeping time to 1.5 minutes

Traditional method

Infuse 5 grams of tea with 100ml water at 80ºC and steep for 20 seconds. Increase the steeping time by 5 seconds for every next steep.


For cold-brewing you may use a bottle, jug, teapot or any brewing vessel that has a lid. Use 10 grams of tea per 500ml of cold water. Cover the brewing vessel with a lid, and store in the fridge for 5-8 hours.

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