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Yaowen Xu

Peony Xishi Yixing Teapot, White Jade Duan Ni Clay, Yaowen Xu 250ml

Peony Xishi Yixing Teapot, White Jade Duan Ni Clay, Yaowen Xu 250ml

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An elegant white jade duanni teapot decorated with a graceful clay-painted peony flower. The teapot is handcrafted in a timeless Xishi shape with a 9-hole filter in the spout. It's accompanied by a tea cup and a certificate of authenticity.

Bai Yu Duan - White Jade Duanni

The white Duanni clay is a rare and natural ore that has a low iron content, resulting in a white jade-like colour and a soft texture. The clay is also exceptionally breathable, making it suitable for any type of tea, especially those with strong aromas such as black tea and oolong tea.

What is Clay Painting?

Clay painting is an ancient technique. Different kinds of clay types are processed in a thinner state, so that it can be applied to the teapot with a brush. Controlling the thickness of the clay is crucial: it should be thin enough so that you can draw with it using a brush, yet thick enough so the painting has a wonderful texture. Only natural clays are used for this painting. The painted surface is then carved with special tools to create intricate patterns and details. Clay painting requires great skill and patience, as the artist has to control the humidity, temperature, and timing of the painting and carving process.

Peony Flower Meaning

The peony is a magnificent flower that is native to China and is known as the "King of Flowers". It represents abundance, affection, wealth, and elegance in Chinese culture. Since ancient times, peonies have been celebrated in literature and paintings for their splendid colours and shapes. The vibrant flower painting against the white jade clay surface, creates a beautiful contrast.

About the Artist: Xu Yaowen

Xu Yaowen is a young and talented ceramic artist who specializes in Yixing teapots. She has loved Yixing art since childhood and is a member of the National Arts & Crafts Association in China. She learned from experienced senior Yixing ceramic artists and developed her own style of teapots. Her works are known for their delicate and smooth lines, fresh and elegant appearance, and creative shapes. The teapot comes in a gift box, along with a certificate of authenticity from the artist.

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