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Ronghua Wu

Dragon Yixing Teapot, Mo Lu Ni Clay, Ronghua Wu 300ml

Dragon Yixing Teapot, Mo Lu Ni Clay, Ronghua Wu 300ml

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A fully hand-crafted Yixing teapot made by Ronghua Wu. The teapot is made from dark green clay, which is known as ‘mo lu ni’.

Dragon Yixing teapot

The lid, handle and 10-hole spout of the teapot features a dragon theme, symbolizing power and honor. The teapot body display carved work of a landscape and Chinese calligraphy. The attention to detail is incredible, distinguishing this teapot from similar works by other Yixing artists.

Mo Lu Ni (Dark Green clay)

This teapot is made from many years aged mo lu ni, which is rare kind of dark green clay. The teapot has a blue tone in bright daylight or led light. In warmer indoor light, the green tones of this zisha teapot will become more visible. Mo lu ni teapots are suitable to steep any kind of tea. When you consistently dedicate it to one kind of tea, the teapot will over time improve the aroma of it.

Ronghua Wu

This teapot is made by Ronghua Wu, who’s a certified Yixing tea artist with over 20 years of experience. Her seal is stamped on 5 different places of the teapot: the handle, bottom of the teapot, inside the teapot, and inside the lid (2 stamps).

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