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2007 Meng Song Ancient Tree Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake 200g

2007 Meng Song Ancient Tree Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake 200g

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As a saying goes “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” We think there’s no better way of describing this raw pu erh tea.

It consists of leaves harvested during Spring 2007 in the Meng Song tea region, which were processed in to mao cha (loose pu erh tea), followed by 15 years of aging in loose form. This allowed the tea leaves to age uniformly, obtain smooth and mellow character, and accumulate rich aroma. In November 2022, the leaves were steamed, manually stone-pressed into round cakes, indoor dried, and double-wrapped for optimal further aging.

Aroma profile

This raw pu erh tea steeps a golden orange tea liquor with a complex aroma profile of malt, caramel, honey, and orange peel.

It’s hard to describe in words, but an experienced pu erh drinker will realise how carefully this tea is aged. Definitely not a typical vintage pu erh tea you regret buying!

This tea may also be reminiscent of a classic savoury sweet Jin Jun Mei black tea in the first steeps, while the aroma of later steeps resemble the honey aroma of a Yunnan Gold.

Best to Enjoy during Autumn & Winter

Besides its complex flavour, this pu erh offers amazing tea energy (cha qi). As it warms your body and calms the mind, we think the best time to enjoy this tea is during the Autumn and Winter season.

Origin: Meng Song

The tea leaves originate from Meng Song township (Menghai Tea region), were you find one of the oldest ancient tea areas in Yunnan. Located south of Meng Song, is the famous Nannuoshan mountain as well as Gelanghe township.


Instead of compact machine compression, all Teasenz tea cakes are loosely stone-pressed. This results in minimal damage to the tea leaves and allows the cake to age faster and more uniformly. A loosely pressed tea cake is also easier to pry relative to very tightly compressed cakes, resulting in less broken leaves.


While regular pu erh is packed in a single wrapper, all Teasenz tea cakes are double wrapped. The outside paper wrapper is extra thick to protect the cake against excessive humidity and unpleasant odours, while the inner wrapper helps regulate humidity and allow the cake to breath and optimally age.

When you order 5 cakes it will be shipped as 1 tong (wrapped in bamboo leaves).


  • Origin: Meng Song, Mengku, Yunnan
  • Harvest: Spring 2007
  • Total harvest quantity: 40kg (200 cakes)
  • Picking method: hand picked
  • Compression: Loosely stone-pressed in November 2022
  • Tea type: raw pu erh tea
  • Tea shape: tea cake
  • Weight: approx. 200g

How to Steep

When brewing the traditional way, we recommend to steep 5 grams of this tea with 100ml of water 95ºC (200ºF). Apply a steeping time 5-10 seconds for the first 4 steeps, than gradually increase the steeping time as according to taste.

For Western steeping, we recommend to steep 4 gram of tea leaves with 500ml of water for 1.5 minutes. For the second steep, apply a 2.5 minute steeping time.

With this tea cake we want to prove that with love and patience, nothing is impossible. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

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Our design work is inspired by the artwork “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” by the Zhang Zeduan in the Song Dynasty. Instead of displaying the daily lives of people in the capital of China (as the original artwork), we display the tea making process of farmers through the same bird’s eye perspective.

When examining our packaging design in detail, tea enthusiasts will observe the tea making process, featuring tea farmers picking, drying, rolling, and frying tea leaves. The tea is then tasted in a pavilion and transported by horses along the ‘ancient tea road’.

Together, the traditional Chinese landscape and tea making theme, symbolise heritage, tradition, and respect for hard work of tea farmers.