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Large Purple Clay Yixing Tea Set + 2 Cups with Landscape Art, Lei Fan 260ml

Large Purple Clay Yixing Tea Set + 2 Cups with Landscape Art, Lei Fan 260ml

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This is the perfect Yixing teapot set for tea lovers who also have an appetite for art. This purple clay teapot is handmade in the classic De Zhong style and features beautiful artwork of a landscape and Chinese calligraphy.

Two matching purple clay tea cups are included in this set, though not made from the exact same purple clay used for the teapot.

De Zhong Yixing teapot style

De Zhong is a popular style of Yixing teapots featuring a cylinder-shaped body. This style was first made by artist Daheng during the Qing dynasty. Yixing teapot collectors love the shape for its simplicity. Its stable look also gives one a sense of security.

Yixing Artist: Lei Fan

This teapot is 100% handcrafted by certified Yixing artist Lei Fan, who is specialised in teapots with clay art. The teapot is stamped with the seal of the artist. A certificate of authenticity is included.

The teapot spout has a 7-hole filter with a superb pouring experience.

Clay art on Yixing teapot

Not only is the teapot made from Yixing clay, the artwork on the teapot is also made from a combination of different Yixing clay types: Duanni, Zhuni, Baiyu, Luni clay. The diffent clay types are first processed into a thinner state. Afterwards, landscape and calligraphy is then hand-drawn with a brush onto the teapot body before oven-firing. The kind of landscape artwork is also known in China as ‘mountain water drawing’ (山水画).

Which teas should I steep with it?

Purple clay is very versatile and therefore suitable to steep many kinds of teas such as pu erh, black, oolong, aged white teas. Because of the wide opening, this teapot is particularly great to steep teas which are bulky and consists of large (straight) leaves. Steeping such teas in teapots with a smaller opening can be challenging.

Large purple clay teapot

Due to its relatively large size, this teapot is perfect for those who prefer to steep a full pitcher of tea. In addition, if often have visitors whom you’d love to share some tea with, this gongfu teapot has the ideal size to prepare tea and share with several friends.

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