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Lanzhen Su

High Profile Duanni Clay Teapot, Dragon Kiln Fired, Lanzhen Su 210 ml

High Profile Duanni Clay Teapot, Dragon Kiln Fired, Lanzhen Su 210 ml

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This Shi Piao teapot features a high-profile shape and is made from Duanni clay. As a result of traditional dragon kiln firing, it has a unique glossy surface. This teapot features a 7-hole filter in the spout.

Dragon Kiln

Unlike firing teapots in industrial ovens, firing in dragon kilns is more challenging due to higher temperatures and a more volatile environment. Thus, only teapots made from high quality clay will not crack when being fired in the oven. Moreover, Dragon Kiln fired teapots have superb heat retention, a beautiful, Instagram proof surface, and better breathability.

Yixing artist: Lanzhen Su

This teapot is made by certified artist Lanzhen Su. A certificate of authenticity is included and the teapot is shipped inside a strong gift box.

Shi Piao teapot style

There are many different shapes of Yixing teapots. ‘Shi Piao’ teapots are one of them, and literally means ‘stone ladle’. Classic Shi Piao teapots have a small opening and a wide bottom. As a result, the body is like a trapezoid with the spout and handle at both sides at exactly the same height. This Shi Piao teapot somewhat differs due to its high-profile shape.

Which teas are suitable?

Compared to other Yixing teapots, this Duanni teapot is heavier and denser. While the teapot is suitable for any tea, we highly recommend it for teas that need to be prepared at high temperature. The wider bottom also makes it more suitable steeping larger tea leaves, and allow them to fully unfurl.

Medium size Yixing teapot 210ml

This teapot holds about 210ml of water, which classifies it at a medium size. You may use it to enjoy tea yourself or invite 1-2 friends.

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