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Lanzhen Su

Gourd Yixing Teapot, Duan Ni Clay, Lanzhen Su 150ml

Gourd Yixing Teapot, Duan Ni Clay, Lanzhen Su 150ml

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A cute little Yixing teapot (150ml) in the shape of a Chinese gourd. This zisha teapot is made from a yellow Duan Ni clay. The unique natural composition of this clay results in a darker golden color compared to other Duan Ni teapots.

Small size, Yixing teapot

This Yixing teapot fits approximately 150ml of water, which makes it especially great for preparing tea for 1-2 persons. It’s cute looks and small size make it fun to use. The edges on the handle also makes the teapot great to hold, and offers additional grip and control.

Duan Ni clay

What’s remarkable about this teapot is its beautiful irregular surface featuring very small white spots (mica) and black spots (tierong). These little dots appear due to how certain minerals and irons in the clay react to high temperature firing.

Suitable teas to use with this teapot

The teapot features a single-hole filter and we recommend it for teas consisting of larger leaves. For example, Da Ye Zhong varietal pu erh teas or oolong, such as da hong pao and dancong oolong.

Artist: Lanzhen Su

This teapot is crafted by certified artist: Lanzhen Su. You can find her seal stamped on the bottom of the teapot and the inside of the lid. A certificate of authenticity is included.

Chinese Gourd Symbolism

Gourds are called ‘hu lu’ in China, and sounds the same as ‘protection’ (hu) and fortune (lu) in China. That’s why gourds are considered luck charms.

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