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Enshi Yulu (Jade Dew) Green Tea

Enshi Yulu (Jade Dew) Green Tea

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The dry leaves of our Enshi Yulu are emerald green, long and slightly twisted. They steep a limeade green liquor with a smooth and thick texture. The intense aroma is sweet and savoury with hints of seaweed, nuts and beans.

From a leaf quality perspective this is definitely a premium tea. Yet, given the affordable price tag, and the fact the leaves can be re-steeped so many times, this tea may become your next daily drinker!

For those, who prefer more intense green teas, Enshi Yulu is an irresistible choice.

History of Enshi Yulu

The first ever 'steamed' green teas, such as Enshi Yulu (恩施玉露), were produced during the Tang Dynasty(618-907) in China. While the Japanese loved it and continued to improve the production method, steamed tea got out of fashion after the Tang. Today, virtually all Japanese green teas are produced through steaming. In contrast, the pan-frying method is still the standard for green teas in China.

Thus, from a historical perspective, Enshi Yulu can be regarded as an important tea, and we're glad that this tea is making its comeback since the end of the 20th century.

Enshi Yulu vs Japanese green tea

Though the production of many Japanese green teas and Enshi Yulu both involve steaming, the taste is still quite different. Because Enshi Yulu is relatively lightly steamed, the effect of steaming on the end result is more nuanced compared to Japanese sencha.

Enshi Yulu Origin

As the name already reveals this tea originates from Enshi, located in the Wuling Mountains in southwestern Hubei Province. With its fertile soil, lush vegetation, and picture-perfect four seasons, Enshi offers a paradise-like climate for tea cultivation: no harsh winters or scorching summers. Experience an average annual temperature around 17°C, a lengthy frost-free period, and abundant rainfall.

Enshi Yulu Production Process

  • Picking: fresh tea leaves are picked based on the picking standard.
  • Steaming: leaves are steamed to stop oxidation of the leaves and preserve the unique green tea aroma.
  • Drying: the leaves are dried in a machine to get rid of excess moisture and make them easier to knead. While the machine rotates it also applies hot air to dry the leaves. The leaves should be dry enough for easy rolling, but still contain enough moisture so that rolling doesn't result in broken leaves.
  • Rolling: this step allows the moisture that's left in the leaves to evenly distribute. At the same time it destroys the cell structure of the tea leaf allowing the aroma/juices of the leaves to come to the surface.
  • Now that the juices have come to the surface, the leaves need another round of drying.
  • At last, the rolling and drying step are repeated one more time. The last rolling step is performed more carefully because the tea master needs to achieve a desired final shape without breaking the leaves. The last drying step makes sure the leaves achieve their target moisture level.


  • Type: Green tea
  • Origin: Enshi, Wuling Mountain (879m)
  • Cultivar: Longjing #43
  • Year: 2024
  • Season: Spring/Winter

How to Steep

Western method

Infuse 3 grams of tea with 500ml water at a temperature of 80ºC and steep for 40 seconds. For a second steep increase the steeping time to 1 minutes

Traditional method

Infuse 5 grams of tea with 100ml water at 80ºC and steep for 10 seconds. Apply a 5 second steeping time for the 2nd to 4th steep, and afterwards increase it gradually.


For cold-brewing you may use a bottle, jug, teapot or any brewing vessel that has a lid. Use 1.5 grams of tea per 250ml of cold water. Cover the brewing vessel with a lid, and store in the fridge for 6 hours.

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Our design work is inspired by the artwork “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” by the Zhang Zeduan in the Song Dynasty. Instead of displaying the daily lives of people in the capital of China (as the original artwork), we display the tea making process of farmers through the same bird’s eye perspective.

When examining our packaging design in detail, tea enthusiasts will observe the tea making process, featuring tea farmers picking, drying, rolling, and frying tea leaves. The tea is then tasted in a pavilion and transported by horses along the ‘ancient tea road’.

Together, the traditional Chinese landscape and tea making theme, symbolise heritage, tradition, and respect for hard work of tea farmers.