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Yaowen Xu

Bird Xishi Yixing Teapot, White Jade Duan Ni Clay, Yaowen Xu 250ml

Bird Xishi Yixing Teapot, White Jade Duan Ni Clay, Yaowen Xu 250ml

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An artistic Yixing teapot made from White Jade Duan Ni clay with beautiful hand-painted clay art: a bird on Tai Hu rock surrounded by flowers.

The teapot features a round 'xishi' shape, named after one of China's 4 famous beauties. The spout has a 9-hole filter.

White Jade Duan Ni Clay

This teapot is handmade from a rare clay type duan ni known as 'white jade'(白玉段泥). Teapots made from this clay type offers great breathability, which helps preserve the aroma of te, and avoid the tea to taste like 'cooked soup'. This teapot is the most suitable for fragrant teas such as Jin Jun Mei black tea, Bi Luo Chun green tea or Tieguanyin oolong tea.

Unlike traditional Duan Ni clay, which has a light yellow colour, teapots made from this clay type has near white colour after oven-baking. Hence the name 'White Jade'.

Ceramic Artist: Yaowen Xu

Yaowen Xu is a young and rising ceramic artist. She has a love for Yixing art since childhood and is a member of the National Arts & Crafts Association in China. Under the guidance of experienced senior Yixing ceramic artists, she has developed a personal style of Yixing teapots. Her works are known for their delicate and smooth lines, fresh and elegant appearance, and with a clear spirit. Ms. Xu's work are deeply loved the younger Yixing art collectors.

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