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2018 Jing Fu Yuan Fu Brick - Premium Fu Zhuan Dark Tea 500g

2018 Jing Fu Yuan Fu Brick - Premium Fu Zhuan Dark Tea 500g

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A fu brick undergoes fermentation with a fungal culture called 'golden flowers'. This premium fu brick showcases a deep reddish tea color with a more intense, richer, and longer-lasting 'golden flower' aroma. Its traditional packaging mirrors the rich history of fu tea, making it an ideal gift option.

'Golden Flowers' (金花) can be found in all varieties of dark tea. For most dark teas, such as Anhua dark tea, they develop under specific storage conditions. However, for Fu brick tea, Golden Flowers are not a result of aging. Instead, the tea master intentionally creates the conditions for them to appear during the last processing step (slow baking).

During the slow baking process, which lasts for several days and demands close attention, Golden Flowers may naturally appear. That said, the quality of Fu brick tea does not rely on the quantity of Golden Flowers present. An excessive amount can overpower the taste of the leaves. In the right proportion, they contribute a distinct yet indescribable mellow taste to Fu brick tea.


  • Year: 2018
  • Season: Spring
  • Brand: Jing Fu Yuan
  • Factory: Jingyang
  • Shape: tea brick
  • Size: 14x14x4.2cm

How to Steep

How to make Fu brick tea?

Steeping tea

Apply 40ml of water for every gram of tea. For example, use 5 grams with 200ml of water at 100ºC. Apply the following steeping times for the first 6 brews: 5s, 5-10s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 1min.

Boiling tea

This tea can also be boiled. For this, apply a 1:200 tea-to-water ratio. So for 1 litre of water, you need 10g of tea. Boil the tea at low fire for 5-10 minutes.

To make your a Tibetan style milk tea, you may experiment adding sugar, butter, salt, and/or milk as according to taste.

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Our design work is inspired by the artwork “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” by the Zhang Zeduan in the Song Dynasty. Instead of displaying the daily lives of people in the capital of China (as the original artwork), we display the tea making process of farmers through the same bird’s eye perspective.

When examining our packaging design in detail, tea enthusiasts will observe the tea making process, featuring tea farmers picking, drying, rolling, and frying tea leaves. The tea is then tasted in a pavilion and transported by horses along the ‘ancient tea road’.

Together, the traditional Chinese landscape and tea making theme, symbolise heritage, tradition, and respect for hard work of tea farmers.