Puerhtea.eu is now Teasenz.eu

As of September 2022, Puerhtea.eu is has become Teasenz.eu. On this page, we explain the reason behind this decision.

In 2018 we at Teasenz.com started Puerhtea.eu, because we found that authentic pu erh tea was hardly available to order from a European source. However, since the implementation of the European import/VAT rules ordering teas from China has become more complicated. Not just for ordering pu erh, but basically for buying any tea from China. Moreover, delays has also become more frequent since the pandemic.

We have come to the conclusion that in order to serve you better, we need to expand our selection of teas in Europe from just pu erh tea to other Chinese teas. To be more consistent with a broader offering of all kinds of Chinese teas, it was also an obvious decision to change the domain name to Teasenz.eu.

Besides the domain name change, we are still offering the same pu erh tea collection (expanded with other loose leaf Chinese teas) and the team behind Puerhtea.eu has not changed.

In the future, you will see us expand our catalogue of teas and teaware on Teasenz.eu. We are also looking for a physical location to display our products and hold educational events.

Thank you for your support!


What about my account at Puerhtea.eu?

If you previously had an account at Puerhtea.eu, we have migrated this also to Teasenz.eu. However, you need to reset your password to activate your account.

If resetting the password doesn't work, then you need to create a new account. Unfortunately, your previous orders will not be available in your new account.