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Lichuan Gongfu Black Tea (Lichuan Hong)

Lichuan Gongfu Black Tea (Lichuan Hong)

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This exceptionally fragrant black tea from Lichuan (Enshi prefecture) is one of the undiscovered treasures from China. Our Lichuan black tea offers delightful notes of honey and brown sugar, perfectly pairing with hearty meals or sweet treats.


Lichuan Kungfu black tea, also known as Lichuan Hong, is produced in Lichuan, Hubei. The region has a tea cultivation history spanning over 2800 years. According to historical records, tea farmers in Lichuan has been cultivating tea since the Western Zhou Dynasty and flourished during the Qing Dynasty.

Lichuan Kungfu black tea, as we know today, emerged in the mid-19th century. The region is characterised by high mountains and dense forests, allowing tea trees to thrive.

In 2018, Lichuan's fame reached national headlines when China's President Xi and Indian President Modi shared a cup of Lichuan gongfu black tea during their summit in Wuhan. Today, this tea stands as one of China's top gongfu black teas.

Processing & appearance

Spring is the prime season for harvesting fresh tea leaves to produce Lichuan black tea. Tea farmers carefully handpick the tea leaves, which then undergo withering, rolling, fermentation, and drying. The resulting tea exhibit a thin, tight, flat, and even shape, with visible golden buds.

When brewed, the tea liquor displays a vibrant red-golden hue, accompanied by a rich and enduring fragrance, and a delightfully sweet and smooth taste.

Similar to our Enshi Yulu green tea, this black tea is known for its healthy and abundant selenium content.


  • Year: 2023
  • Season: Spring
  • Origin: Lichuan, Enshi prefecture, Hubei province
  • Varietal (cultivar): small leaf Assamica (Xiao Ye Zhong), echa no. 1
  • Type: black tea

Bereiding / zetadvies

How to brew Lichuan black tea?

There are two methods to makes this loose leaf black tea:

Gongfu brewing

Brew 5 gram with 100 ml of water at 80 °C. Steep for 5 seconds and add 5 seconds for each next infusion.

Western brewing

Steep 3 gram with 500 ml of water at 80 °C. Apply a brewing time of 40 seconds and add 20 seconds for each next infusion.

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