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Wudong Village & Dancong Oolong Tea

At an elevation of 1319 meters in the Phoenix mountains of Guangdong, you can the beautiful hidden village of Wudong with a population of just over 500. All our Dancong oolong teas originate from the tea gardens of this village.

gate to wudong village guangdong fenghuang

Gate to Wudong Village

wudong village
Wudong village
The village consists of traditional 2-story houses with roof tiles, low rise buildings, and 1 primary school.

The village has 800 mu of mountains of which 330 mu (22 hectares) is dedicated to tea cultivation. In fact, tea production is by far the largest source of income for the village, followed by tea-related tourism.

dancong tea wudong mountain

dancong tea production

The Wudong mountain attracts many tourists who love to watch the sunrise from the peak. They enjoy the scenic spots such as caves and lakes. Real tea lovers will find their way into the village ready to taste the harvest of the new season.


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